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Progressive jackpots

A lot of players ask us which they should lay. On a slot machine with a progressive jackpot or the normal slot machines. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you play on the jackpot machines your chances are bigger to win the jackpot than if you play on a progressive jackpot. One big advantage with the progressive jackpot machines is that if you win a progressive jackpot these are normally a lot bigger than the normal jackpots. Some of them are even worth millions but your chances are slimmer. You stand more chance of winning a jackpot from a normal jackpot machine. So it is really a choice that one has to make for themselves. Happy with a little less, which can still be a lot of money, of gamble that you win the big progressive jackpot and probably become a millionaire. If you are lucky enough to win the progressive jackpot then your timing has been perfect. Because of the random number generator behind the machine it stopped a combination of symbols when you clicked play on the machine. One you have done this the RNG, Random Number Generator, automatically stops at the then combination of symbols it had. So really it is all up to a big bit of luck.

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